May 23

My Traits

Everyone has different personalities, or traits. I may have a scene of humor or my friend may not. My friend may be kind, but I may not. My traits make me, me. Some of my traits make me successful and some don’t.

My good traits are that I have sense of humor, funny, kind, determined, smart, and friendly. My bad traits are that I’m not really confident in front of people I don’t know very well, I get mad at random things a lot, I over think things, and sometimes annoying.

The traits smart and determined will make me successful. They will make me successful because I think when I’m in High School I will have really good grades. I will be determined to graduate high schools with good grades, so I can get into college. The lack of confidence and over thinking things will bring me down. They will most likely bring me down because if I’m ever doing a job interview, I will probably get really nervous about getting the job or not. I will probably start over thinking that If I should say and do the interview or if I should leave and not even try. I will start loosing confidence and think that I will not get the job and I will just humiliate myself.

My traits will make me successful and some will not. Not everything is going to be easy in life, but if I keep working I will turn the bad things into good things. I will be successful and will make my life better with my own traits when I’m older.


March 9

Dr. Seuss

“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose”-Dr. Seuss

I think this quote is saying that you can go which ever direction you choose if you be smart and make the right choices. If you work hard you can do whatever you want and be whatever you want to be.

I can relate to this because in school I want to get good grades so I can go to the college I want to go to when I’m older. In order to get good grades I have to work hard to get them. If I get good grades I might be able to go to the college I want to go to. I’m not sure what collage I want to go to yet, but I’m sure I’ll know when I’m older.

If I get into collage and if I get good grades then I will be able to be what ever I want to be when I’m older(at least that is what my dad told me). I don’t know what I want to be when I’m older, but again I’ll probably know if I’m older.

That is how I can relate to the quote “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose” by Dr. Seuss. I know I’m only 12 years old and I still have a while to go before I even graduate high school, but my dad told me that if I get good grades I will be able to go to college and be what ever I want to be.

February 18

My Inspiration

My definition of inspiration is when you look up to some one that is close to you or you know well. My inspiration is my dad. I have seen him go through tough times when he was really angry or mad, but he always found something to pick him back up and keep going. He is my inspiration because he doesn’t quit and he would always be there to pick me back up when I was down. He would tell me to never give up.

When ever I was upset or felt like giving up on something, he would tell me his favorite quote “Quitters never win and winners never quit”. That means if you quit you will never reach your goal, and if you want to reach your goal you have to never quit. He would tell me that he doesn’t like quitters. How he says that someone who just quits means that they wound not get to reach their goal, but if that get up and work hard they will reach their goal.


February 17

Video Games

Some people say that video games are bad for your brain, others people disagree. I think that video games are just fine, but we need to take a break for a while instead of looking on a TV screen all day. Here are three reasons why I think this.

I think that looking on a screen all day is bad for your mind, but it doesn’t harm you. I was always told that looking at a screen can hurt your eyes by looking at it too long, but I don’t know it that is true or not. My brother plays video games or watches TV all the time, but when stops his eyes are always red or he is constantly rubbing his eyes. His eyes don’t stay for the whole day, they are just like that after he is done playing games or watching TV. I don’t know if it just happens to him or other people, but I still think it hurts his eyes.

I also think that video games are sort of okay because there is some active games like “Just Dance” or other games that are similar like that. Even though I’m sure people don;t like to dance weird move on a video game, but some people do (I think). Some people say that just because your being active, doesn’t mean that your not looking at the screen.

February 8

Reading in Language Arts

Every week in my language art class we get a green paper, a reading log. The reading log is something that we can log our reading into. We get Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday to read. We turn in the paper on Friday and get a new one every week. Some times we get more time to read.

We have to put the what date and  time we started reading on the reading log paper. We also have to put the page we started on, the page we ended on. and what book we were reading at the time. After we put all that information in, we read. When we stopped reading, we put what time we stopped and then we figure out how much time we read in minutes.

We get grade for how much time we read. Lower than 100 minutes is a F, 100-149 minutes is a D, 150-199 minutes is a C, 200-249 minutes is a B, and 250 minutes and above is a A. I think it is easy to get up to or above 250, but to other people is not.

February 5

My Pets

There is one family dog in the house.  His name is Sledge. He is 14 in dog years, but in human years he is 1. He is like a giant, slobbery teddy bear. When ever I’m siting on the couch, he would come up to me and put his head on my lap. Everyone loves him, but when he get excited he pees everywhere. That why know body really likes to pet him. He looks exactly like the Bull Mastiff we had before Sledge. Some times we call him Fred( the Bull Mastiff we had before him) Because he looks so much like him.

February 4

That One Girl

You know that one girl. That girl who is really shy is front of people she doesn’t know, but she is crazy and funny in front of her friends. The one girl who is in sixth grade in class #601. That one girl who has long, blond, wavy hair. That one girl who is really smart and she gets good grades. The girl who’s last name sounds like gram cracker. That girl who wears pretty Justice clothing all the time. . That one girl who is in the group called Fab Four for a project in science. That one girl who has a blue lunch box.  That one girl who packs a orange soda for lunch most of the time. That one girl who has root beer in her lunch box. That one girl who is in the process of writing “That One Girl”. That one girl who;s nickname is gram cracker. That one girl who has brown eyes. That one girl who has freckles. That one girl who is a really good writer. That one girl who is one of my best friends. Yeah, that one girl Hailey Graham.


February 3

Here by Alessia Cara

“Here” by Alessia Cara means that she is at a party and she doesn’t want to be there. I can sort of relate to that. Sometimes I feel like I feel like I shouldn’t be at a place and I should just leave, but I don’t.

One time I was playing on a 14u travel ball team. I was playing with girls that are three or two years older than me. I didn’t know what I was doing there with girls that are a lot taller than me and are more experienced than me. Even if I felt like I didn’t fit in, I still stayed.

Another time was when my dad, my mom, Kylie, and I were all playing a board game together. It was a type of board game where you have to answer question that include American history. I knew nothing about American history, but everyone else did. I was just sitting there while my team mate(my dad) was answering all of the questions like I wasn’t even there. That time was kinda like the verse “With people who don’t even care about my well-being”.

Those were some of the thing that I could relate to from the song “Here” by Alessia Cara. I felt like I didn’t belong and I should not be there like what is happening in the song.

February 2

The Food At Lunch

The school food at lunch isn’t very good. I’m sure at least some people agree with me. Well, it is only it’s only the vegetables. I don’t think anyone eats the vegetables. They either need more salt,  their too soggy, or their cold. I’m not saying the cooks are bad at making food, I’m saying that maybe they could just make the vegetables a little better.

The vegetables are one thing, but the pizza sticks are another. They only have pizza sticks o Fridays, but not all Fridays. When it is pizza stick Friday, there is only a small amount of people packing. The line gets is so long, it sometimes takes up one side of the gym. A lot of people love the pizzas sticks.

There is a new type of pizza the cafeteria started using. Instead of having the regular square pizza, the new pizza has stuffed crust and the shape of it is a triangle. It is pretty good, but that’s just my opinion. I don’t care for it, but i’ll still eat it. I know some people like it and some don’t.

February 1

I Love To Play Softball

I love to play softball. It’s my favorite sport. I have enjoyed playing this sport at the age of five. Her is some of the reasons I love softball.

One of the reasons I love to play softball is because I’m not good at any other sports. I have tried basketball, but i didn’t really like the sport. I wasn’t any good at either. I think the reason I’m not good at any other sport is because I don’t put as much effort into it as much as I do in softball. Maybe id I try to put more effort into other sports and practice more I will probably be goo, but I only have time for one sport.

Another reason I love to play softball is because of how long I’ve been playing it. I have been playing softball for six years and if I give up on the sport now, then I will basically be laying on the couch with nothing to do for the rest of my life except eating, sleeping, and going to school. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be a couch potato for the rest of my life.

The last reason I love softball is because I like everything  about it.  I love bating, running, stealing, and most of all pitching. When ever I pitch, I feel like I control the whole game. Well not really the whole game,I feel like I control when it starts( well all pitchers basically control when the game starts except for the ump)